30th Birthday Gifts – Best Ideas for 2022

Wow! 30 is a big one. Moving from your twenties into your thirties is a pivotal point in someone’s life. Yes, you are finally going to start acting responsibly. So what to get a friend or family member when they turn the big three-0?

You see, thirty is a strange milestone. Your friend/family member will start getting embarrassed at all those pictures on social media that they thought was great craic only a year ago!

However, it is not all doom and gloom. You can them an amazing gift that will brighten their day.

If they are away from home and can’t get back, if they are a fan of Ireland in general or simply would appreciate a load of treats we have got you covered.

30th Birthday Shoutouts from Irish Celebrities

Nothing marks the occasion of turning 30 like a shoutout from a favourite T.V. character/comedian or an icon from your childhood. If they are sports fans they can get birthday greetings from a top sports star.

Here are some of the most popular shoutouts for 30th birthdays on Irishify:

30th Birthday Gift Hamper

Sweets, crisps and minerals. Oh yeah. These are the perfect birthday surprise for freshly turned 30-year-olds. We have a host of packs to choose from. Don’t worry if you need to send it overseas. We deliver to most countries in the World.

30th Birthday Gifts sent to New York, Toronto, Sydney, San Francisco or Anywhere Abroad

Send the gift of home. All their favourite snacks including Irish sauces, crisps and sweets. Be it Tayto, Club Orange or Barry’s Tea you can get the very best of Irish comfort treats sent to celebrate their milestone birthday.

Take a look at these gift hampers that make perfect gifts for 30th birthdays.

30th Gifts Ireland

If you really know what would delight them then the “Suit Yourself” hamper fit the bill.

You can select exactly what goes into the hamper for our list.

Choose from one of our popular pre-made hampers based on popular Irish products. Everything from the “Homesick Hamper” to the “Tea Bagged Hamper.”

Turning Thirty Away from Home

Sadly, many people can’t make it back to celebrate their birthday with friends and family. They might be a bit homesick turning thirty in a faraway land.

This will make their birthday extra special.

30th Birthday Gifts from Ireland to The United States

Our hampers are delivered by DHL. So, be it Boston, Los Angles or Albuquerque we got you covered.

All in all, you can help them have a cuppa Lyons Tea while eating a bag of Tayto cheese and onion looking at the Golden Gate Bridge as they think of home.

Family in Australia – 30th Birthday

It has been a difficult year for the Irish in the land of Oz. Many have just not been able to get home. They miss everyone especially when they turn 30.

Send a hamper and shoutout from home to bring Ireland closer on their birthday. It’s not going to make up for not seeing everyone but it is a good reminder that they are missed and that they are on everyone’s minds on their birthday.

Canada from Ireland – Sending a Gift

A shoutout from a favourite Irish person or popular cultural icon is the perfect gift for those Irish Ex-Pats living in the land of Hockey, Maple Syrup and extreme politeness!

Some Irish minerals and crisps won’t go amiss either,

Turning 30 – You Are Truly an Adult Now

Thirty was so strange for me. I have really had to come to terms that the fact that I am now a walking and talking adult.

– C. S. Lewis

Frequently Asked Questions – Irish Birthday Gifts

What should I get for a man for their 30th Birthday?

If they are into sports then a video shoutout on irishify.com from a legendary Irish footballer.

What should I get for a woman turning 30?

A great gift for a woman turning 30 is a shoutout from an Irish actor/comedian or musician from irishify.com.

What to buy for an Irish ex-pat’s 30th birthday?

An Irish treat hamper or birthday shoutout from an Irish celebrity will make their day.

What sites send Irish crisps, chocolates and tea overseas from Ireland for 30th birthdays?

Irishify.com delivers Irish crisps, chocolates, tea and other goodies globally from Ireland.