40th Birthday Gifts – Best Ideas for Friends and Family

Yes, when a friend or family member turns forty its an extra special birthday. You want to make them feel special and put a smile on their face. There are lots of things you could get them but here are some ideas for 40th birthday gifts that will help you decide.

All in all, if you are looking for something for their youth or a message from someone they admire you will find a great selection of comedians, musicians, actors, sports people and genuine Irish legends.

As a well as that, if they have a sweet tooth or are abroad you can send them an Irish treat hamper. We have lots of variations that are sure to make the birthday party (even if it is only over zoom) that bit special.

40th Birthday Shoutouts

Getting a shoutout from an Irish celebrity is a great way to celebrate someones 40th. You can get a message from their favourite comedian, childhood character or musician to give them a shoutout on their birthday.

So, whether its a sports legend, a character from their childhood or an actor from their favourite show from back in the day that they would watch religiously you can get a personalised shoutout.

Here are some of the most popular shoutouts for 40th birthdays on Irishify:

Treat Hamper for a 40th Birthday

Get a treat hamper packed with classic Irish sweets and crisps. They are classic for a reason. Yes, a 40 year old will love them. You can’t beat a load of sweets for your birthday.

40th Birthday Present United States, Australia Canada or Anywhere Abroad

If you friend or family member is abroad the treat hamper will mean even more. Not only are you sending them some top grade nosh but you are sending a piece of Ireland too. So, if they can’t get home or you can’t get away a treat hamper packed full of Irish comfort grub will help bridge the gap.

Here are some Irish treat hampers that we recommend for someone entering the realm of middle age! They make great 40th birthday gifts.

40th Birthday Presents Ireland

There are always the usual presents like a new phone or a pair of socks. Pipes and slippers are another popular one for the aul four zero. But if you are looking for a unique present then it is worthwhile doing a bit of research.

It all comes down to what they are interested in. At Irishify, we have the ultimate selection of Irish football heroes for folks about to cross the threshold into their forties.

On top of this, we have a suit yourself hamper that you can pack with their favourite treats and Irish condiments.

Turning Forty Abroad

Sadly, there are many Irish overseas and unable to return to their family or their family is unable to get to them to celebrate. Friends can’t go for a scoop and reminisce about the epic events of their youth. The craic just can’t be had face to face. Why not think about sending an Irish gift hamper. with the “Suit Yourself” Hamper you can pick exactly what they would like.

This will make their birthday extra special.

40th Gifts from Ireland to The United States

Surprise your friend Stateside. You can send a hamper to anywhere in the United States. Our hampers are delivered by DHL. So be it Austin, Texas or Queens, New York, we got you covered.

All in all, you can Irishify someones day on their 40th all over the USA. Nothing beats Tayto and a proper cuppa cha on your birthday.

A Friend in Australia – 40th Birthday

You can send all our hampers to the land of Oz. It’s a long way but we send everything from Ireland. Combine it with a shoutout and you are onto a winner there.

Therefore, rest assured you can send a bit of home over to Australia. It may be warmer, and they may spend most of their time on the beach but they can get that feeling of home.

Canada from Ireland – Sending a Gift

Let’s not forget that you can send gifts to Canada as well. Which hamper will you choose? or will you bunce together with your mates and get Bosco to give them a message. Be it is in the French speaking or English speaking parts of Canada you can drop a bundle of Irishness that will make them smile.

Turning 40 is Not That Bad

Well, throughout history there has been some notable philosophies and quotes on turning 40.

Our favourite is from Carl Jung –

Life really does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research.

– Carl G. Jung

Frequently Asked Questions – Irish Birthday Gifts

What should I get for a 40 year old man?

A video shoutout on irishify.com from a legendary Irish footballer or Irish comedian/actor/musician from the 80s/90s will be ideal.

What should I get for a 40 year old woman?

A shoutout from an 80s/90s Irish actor/comedian or musician from irishify.com will make their day.

What is a good gift for a 40th birthday of someone living abroad?

An Irish treat hamper, with crisps, chocolates and tea from Ireland delivered to them overseas.

What sites send Irish crisps, chocolates and tea overseas from Ireland?

Irishify.com delivers Irish hampers with crisps, chocolates, tea and other goodies globally from Ireland.