A good friend’s 30th birthday was approaching. He had planned on a visit home but due to the global lockdown, he was stuck in New York for the foreseeable.

I spent hours online looking for a suitable present to send him to cheer him up and remind him of home. I couldn’t find anything though. So, I packed up a box with the things I knew he missed most and posted it off.

Some Tayto Cheese & Onion he used to ensure he’d get every crumb out of before opening another packet. Some Club Orange he often enjoyed in a pint glass with ice watching the football of a Sunday. Some Barry’s Tea he’d drink at least three cups a day of back home. Some Flahavan’s porridge he used to gobble up every morning. Some Purple Snacks which he ate on the dot every work morning at 11 o’clock break back home. Some Hunky Dory’s. Some MiWadi. Some Dairy Milk. Some Kimberly Mikados. Some Jacob’s Cream Crackers.

And, with that, The Teabagged Hamper, The Homesick Hamper, The Hungover Hamper, The Saucy Hamper & The Suit Yourself Hamper were born.

Irishify Overseas

I knew my pal was missing Friday nights in The Shed shouting on Dundalk FC, so I also organised a personalised video shoutout from one of the players. He loved it. Said he watched it 14 times – one for each league title. And, with that, Irishify Shoutouts were born.

I did a quick Google and found there were over 1.5 million people born in Ireland now living abroad. Each one of them no doubt missing a taste of home. And, with that, Irishify was born.

Irishify Team